Birthday gift for Watch Lovers

I received the Horaculix kit from my girlfriend for birthday, because she knows my passion for watches. So far only in the area of high-quality wrist watches on the road, I was very curious, what to be expected there. I read up quickly, but could hardly wait to hand on by myself.

I had some fears that it might be very hard to assemble the watch. But the instructions are well written and the pictures for each step support the assembly enormously. For me, the best note in the manual was, incidentally, that one should have a glass of water within reach. Because the assembly happens highly concentrated and a small sip of water from time to time will make the filigree work somewhat lighter. I myself had set the goal of assembling the watch over three to four weekends. However, after the first Sunday evening, I had to realize that I grabbed one kind of virus. And thus from the three to four weekends, it turned out to be four consecutive evenings in which I assembled the watch. 

Probably it would have been possible on a complete Sunday, but the girlfriend would like to have a part of the time.

All in all, it has been a very interesting project, which has brought me closer to the (presision) mechanics of watches. It also looks good and has received a place of honor in our apartment. And probably I’ll buy another kit to give it to my father at Christmas.

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