For the modeller in me – the ideal challenge

I have shaked and jarred, it was jingling and clicking – no idea what this was. My wife had surprised me on the occasion of my birthday and I was pretty astonished, a watch- completely not working!

For the model builder in me the ideal challenge. The tools are of good quality and the parts perfectly tidy. First walking attempts without a deeper study of the assembly instructions should be avoided – unfortunately, the gears and their arrangement are not easily exploited. My boy, an enthusiastic mechanic (5 years), was also with his tool at hand immediately and wanted to try the precision mechanics – which led me to reschedule the assembly to the evening hours. Which in turn requires good light and, ideally, a work surface with edge so that no component becomes self-reliant.

I have been obliged to repeat some of the work steps three or four times; My interpretation of central centering was apparently too imprecise. Or the result was simply not what it should be and I assembled and disassembled diligently along with – if the occasion arises I recommend to turn the page in the assembly instructions 😉

It was a lot of fun for me to crafting, to get a deeper understanding of the mechanics of “My watch” and the phenomenon Time. The latter, in particular, I forgot again and again in the evening;-) The indicated 8 hours are unrealistic for the actually interested persons, as well as for every family father with small children – Thank God! My project “Watch” has developed over weeks, slowly took shape and retrospective I can not say how many hours it took, only that I enjoyed each one of it and completely submerged into it.

I thank my wife for a super gift and the “creators” that you have made me experience the art of mechanics in something such “profane” because omnipresent. It now measures the time with me on the desk and for the first time I have a relationship with my watch because I understand it.

Frank S. from Dachau

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