Overall, I had a lot of fun and was very informative.

I can proudly report that the clock is ticking since yesterday and is working perfectly! In the next few days, however, I still have to carry out fine regulation.

I needed a little longer as it was mentioned in the instructions, about 7 hours on Sunday and more about 2 hours each Monday and Tuesday evening, so altogether already 11 hours, whereby the breaks are not counted. But I also took my time and tried not only to carry out the individual steps mechanically, but also to understand them correctly. That was quite ambitious.

At one point (when assembling the two plates after the starwheel had been hanged), I had to go back twice and start a third time. Besides, I had made a mistake first with the small wheel under the hour wheel, which I applied wrongly, at this point one must pay close attention to the figure. I also had to go back when I noticed that the rotation of the minute wheel was not properly transmitted. The most difficult thing to do was to use lever, escape wheel and balance. After the winding up the going train, the impacted balance stopped again and again. After dismantling and repeated installation of these parts, the clock suddenly began to tick, a great moment! Here I don’t know what was wrong the first time.

Overall, I had a lot of fun and was very informative. In my opinion, your whole kit is highly convincing. The figures are very good, the text is very well understandable (however with too many comma errors, also some writing errors). Also the idea with the multifunctional auxiliary frame for the assembly of the clockwork and the case assembly is a very good solution.

I am happy to carry out the inspection again in 5 years according your instructions.

One gains very great respect about the precision in the assembling with which the individual parts must be manufactured. If they are not accurate as at least one tenth of a millimeter (as I guess), surely nothing runs.

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